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Force Factor Athlete Garrett Griffin
Force Factor Athlete Garrett Griffin on Sept 1, 2011


My name is Garrett Griffin, most people know me as GUNZ!  I am a Pro Powerlifter that holds the current APF American and APA World Record in Raw bench press at 198lb weight class.  My best current meet press is 490lbs @196lb bodyweight and my best gym lift is 505lbs @ 200lb bodyweight. I hold the current UPC Championship bench press belt as lb for lb best bench presser of 2011.  I also competed in full power powerlifting meets (squat, bench, and deadlift) and recently hit a 540lb raw squat (no knee wraps), 470lb bench press, and 630lb deadlift for a combined total of 1640lbs in the 198lb weight class.  I ended the 2011 year ranked #2 in the nation in raw bench press @198 and also #6 in the nation for 1640lb total @ 198.  Over the last year I’ve reached all my goals for 2011 with the help of Force Factor and plan to continue pushing through to new goals.  For 2012 my goal is to hit a 510lb raw bench press in competition and also total 1700lb in squat, bench, and deadlift.  I have the heart and drive of a Champion and I won’t stop until GUNZ is a household name in powerlifting and the fitness world.  I will continue to support and let everyone know how much Force Factor products have helped me reach so many new goals over the past year.  Team Force Factor